Which automated image moderation tool should you use?

Which automated image moderation tool should you use?

February 12, 2017 - ModerateContent Support

Finding it hard to choose between Google, Microsoft, WebPurify or an alternative platform for your automated image moderation?

Below you can find a complete overview of automated image moderation platforms. You can easily compare features and decide that on the best automated image moderation tool for your business.

Vendor Automated Price Per Image Price Per Million Images Free Images
CrowdSource Yes (API) 0.01 $10,000.00 None
Hive Moderation Yes (API) 0.004 $4,000.00 None
SightEngine Yes (API) 0.002 $2,000.00 500 / Month
YandaxDataFactory Yes (API) 0.001 $1,000.00 None
Google Cloud Yes (API) 0.0015 $1,500.00 1000 / Month
Microsoft Azure Yes (API) 0.00075 $750.00 500 / Month
ModerateContent Yes (API) 0.00010 $100.00 Unlimited
WebPurify No (Human Powered) - - -
Icuc.social No (Human Powered) - - -
2Hive No (Human Powered) - - -
CrispThinking No (Human Powered) - - -

We created ModerateContent.com because we couldn't understand why protecting our users and our brand against inappropriate user generated content was so expensive. Further there's a moral imperative to have this service done as much as possible by machines and not people. A reasonable price makes this more accessible to all businesses regardless of size. Sign up for free API key to see how we can help protect your business.