API Documentation

  • Detect inappropriate content - Adult, Teen, Everyone
  • Detect faces
  • Detect anime in images, including inappropriate content (Adult, Teen, Everyone), copyrighted material, names of characters, and tags of objects found in the image.
  • Detect text (OCR) in an image, with bad words detection NEW
  • Detect bad words in text, 27 languages NEW
  • Detect QRcode
  • Use the The Vault - a place to submit misclassified images

General Notes

  • Animated GIF Support NEW
  • Image Types: .jpg .png .bmp .gif .webp
  • Max image size: 10 MB
  • Protocol: HTTP | HTTPS
  • Request Types: GET | POST | POST multipart/form-data | POST application/json
  • API Key Required to access all functions - Get Free API Key
  • Ask us about our other models -