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Shared servers for sites that don't have a moderation budget.

  • Adult Content Detection
  • Public Servers
  • API Response Time 1.2s - 1.8s
  • Uptime - Best Effort
  • Limited Email Support



Our platform for moderating 2.5 billion images in 2019.

  • Dedicated Resources for your Account.
  • Fully Managed by our Team
  • All Models and Interface Customized to your Requirements
  • 8 Data Centers to Choose From
  • 3 Layers of Monitoring
  • Fast API Response Times - 0.6s Average
  • Minimum $100 / Month Commitment Required

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Model: Adult Content


Integration tools

Easy integrations with your favorite platforms

Our integrations are built to seamlessly protect your users with our API endpoints while still giving you full control over what and when content is moderated.

WordPress Plugin

Protect your WordPress site against users uploading inappropriate images. Our plugin monitors uploads, rates the content and removes the images based on your settings.


bbPress Plugin

Our WordPress plugin also covers bbPress user uploaded content, protecting your forums against users who post adult content.


Slack App

Our slack bot monitors images that are uploaded to your channels by users and blocks adult content, keeping your discussions a safe place for chat.


Discord Bot

Our Discord bot monitors all messages on a server and when a user posts an inappropriate image (ex. adult content) the bot removes that message and notifies the channel.


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